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Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall of the home foundation of Marabá culture, has received several visitors over the years, tourists from Brazil and other countries. In addition to receiving tourists, we also receive visits from various schools in Marabá and region, where various socio-cultural and educational activities are taught, teaching a little of the culture, as well as storytelling in partnership with the Fundação Cia de Artes sector.

The museum has a fully air-conditioned environment, with self-explanatory banners, has people to assist in what is necessary for a good mediation and to remove any doubts about the exhibitions. We have permanent exhibitions where some of them bring information about the history of the city of Marabá, economic cycles, geological information, where we have some rock samples on display, We have a very comprehensive collection of archeology in the region, with several artifacts in samples, one rich content of the fauna and flora of the city and other regions, studies in caves, in the case called speleology, it is also possible to find here some information of the indigenous peoples of the regions near Marabá. With this we also have the temporary exhibitions, which each month are approached different themes, to be worked with both students and tourists.