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Music School
Moisés Araújo

Music School

The Municipal School of Music Maestro Moisés Araújo, founded November 29, 1993, is the first public music school in the region, part of a large project of the Casa da Cultura Foundation of Marabá, for the rescue and registration of culture and valorization and development of local talents and regional art. Offering the children and youth audience possibilities to develop their potentialities. The idea worked well, and the musical educational work was expanded with the development of the students and the formation of a band in 1999, named after the Maestro "Waldemar Henrique ".

Currently, the school has classrooms with air conditioning, pavillion for rehearsals and events, more than 300 musical instruments that are available to students, and more than 415 bibliographic collections. Today. It has more than 1,700 students enrolled in the theoretical / practical courses, Infant Musicalization, Drum, Keyboard, Flute, Band Practice, Adult and Child Choral Corner, Fanfare, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Cello, Contra Acoustic Bass.

Extensões da Escola de Música

The school has extensions of musical education, like the Tocando Vidas Project, located in the neighborhood Morada Nova, with the courses of Flute Sweet, Guitar and Keyboard.

- Extension in the Church of the Capuchins is Located in the district Belo Horizonte with the course of Guitar

- Extension in the Spiritist Society Euripides House is located in Independencia neighborhood, with the course of Sweet Flute.

- Extension at José Mendonça Vergolino Municipal School of Primary Education, located in Old Marabá, with the courses of Sweet Flute and Choral Singing.

- Extension at the Municipal School of Elementary Education Professor Maria Luzia de Oliveira, located in São Felix Pioneiro, with the courses of Fanfarra and Flauta Doce

- Extension at Evandro dos Santos Viana Municipal School of Primary Education located in São Felix III, with the courses of Fanfarra and Flute Doce

- Extension at the Dream and Hope Institute of Restitute Lives - SERVI, located in the Amapá neighborhood, with the course of Sweet Flute and Choral Singing.


In order to continue the musical education work, the FCCM seeks to establish agreements / partnerships with institutions that have greatly contributed to the expansion and greater viability of existing projects, thus increasing the attendance of children and adolescents, presenting significant results and collaborating with the development educational, musical and cultural center of Marabá and region.

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