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President Vanda Régia Américo Gomes is a native of Marabá, and a career civil servant. She has a degree in Business Administration and has a long history in public service, having served as a city councilor for 7 consecutive terms.

Vanda is engaged and active in social causes and has always defended the promotion of public policies to reach the less favored families, besides acting in a conciliatory and at the same time questioning way. She was present at key historical moments for the municipality of Marabá and participated in the discussions of projects of great impact, being always at the forefront of actions aimed at productivity and development for Marabá and region.

At the head of the Casa da Cultura da Marabá Foundation since the beginning of 2017, she has been developing a relevant management work, aligned with strategic planning, enabling efficient development for the social sectors and research centers of the institution, seeking partnerships with public and private entities.

This is in line with the implementation of modern systems and equipment, which make it possible to raise the FCCM to a level of efficiency and market competitiveness. When the subject is specialized services there are offered research areas, including Archeology, Speleology and Geology.

More than investing in the modernization of processes, Vanda Americo does not give up the value of human capital, which she considers indispensable for social cohesion, equity of knowledge and appreciation of culture and learning.