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Botanical Nuclei

The Botany Nucleus (NB) of the Marabá House of Culture Foundation aims to assist researchers, professors, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as technicians and the public in general who have interest or doubts about plants in the South and Southeast of Pará.

The NB has a Herbarium, a scientific collection that aims to store, preserve and catalog representatives of the Brazilian flora, being a reference for research in all areas of science that use vegetables as its object of study.

The herbarium collection includes seeds, fruits, woods and resins. It contains about 5000 samples organized in 145 families, and is currently in the process of restructuring.

The nucleus has projects developed in partnership with other institutions, such as the Federal University of Southern and Southeastern Pará (UNIFESSPA) and is available for participation in interinstitutional projects related to the cataloging of flora and the availability of data in a network.

NB performs collection work in the Southeastern region of Pará, guides laboratory technicians in activities related to the area of activity, and trains students for herbarium collection and management practices.

It is the role of NB to perform conservation and disposal tasks for dry plant collections in order to enable consultations and examinations to those who need them, conducting and guiding collections, analysis and records of material and substances through specific methods in the area.