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Nucleus of Archeology, Ethnology
and Heritage Education

Throughout these 34 years of Foundation of the House of Culture of Marabá (FCCM) its Nucleus of Archeology, Ethnology and Heritage Education (NAEEP) has been dedicated to integrated studies that aim at the production and dissemination of knowledge, as well as the valorization and preservation of cultural heritage (material and immaterial) of the South and Southeast of Pará, in Brazil. Part of these activities of the Nucleus have been carried out linked to the projects of Archaeological Prospecting, Archaeological Monitoring, Archaeological Salvage and Patrimonial Education, as well as to the curation of archaeological and ethnological artifacts that make up the collection of the institution.

The NAEEP has a diverse archaeological collection with about 700 thousand artifacts, distributed among ceramic, lithic and bone fragments, which carry precious information about the way of life of our ancestors. In addition, it has a permanent exhibition in the Municipal Museum of Marabá and more than 350 archaeological sites identified and registered in the states of Pará, Tocantins and Maranhão. In its collection, the nucleus still has an ethnographic collection of regional handicrafts, indigenous artifacts and historical pieces.

In order to better serve the community, NAEEP has sought to expand its research and education territory, developing works in the Serra das Andorinhas, Serra dos Carajás, Serra da Buritirama, Paleocanal of the Tocantins River, Serra Pelada and APA Barreira das Antas, among others.