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The House of Culture Foundation of Marabá has in its main frame, the sector of HSE (Health, Safety of Work and Environment), that according to the HSE POLICY of the FCCM, is directed to the execution of all the activities in a safe and responsible way, respecting and preserving, the health and physical integrity of the collaborators who work in favor of the institution, besides being concerned with the Environment.

Safety, Health and Environment are part of the FCCM values; these are priorities independent of activities and results. Working in a safe and healthy environment is the right of all people, and the FCCM aims to provide that environment by transforming it into a stimulus for employees to perform their activities with satisfaction.

The SESMT (Specialized Service in Safety Engineering and Occupational Medicine), in turn, carries out a work of awareness and training of people through the realization of training, campaigns and lectures for the prevention of accidents and well-being of all .

Safety first!